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The first ever game with the Street League is to take place on February 2nd at the George & Dragon should be a good evening.

The League would like to thank the George And Dragon for the food provided and the use of the alley the game was played with 9 players on both sides and a enjoyable evening was had by both sets of players as they had played with rubber balls they showed great spirit. but in the end the district gave them a good hiding o sorry by 1 pin overall, a return game is likely in March when they find a alley .

The second game with the Street League was played on Saturday evening (9/3/19) again it was very close well it cant be any closer as it was a draw but over the 2 games the District won by 1 pin as this was the first year to be playing the Street League no cup was played for. but from next year the Inter Town Cup will be up for grabs, as you no we used to play the Wells League but they could not field a team to play us so we found a League to play each year from now on. we hope it will as enjoyable as all the games we had with the Wells boys. The league would like to thank Street for there hospitality on Saturday evening.    

The first inter match this year is against the Weston Central League on Saturday 13th October at the George & Dragon. The return game is on November 17th at the Social Club.

The first game against the Wrington Vale League is on Saturday 20th October at the Social Club with the return  is to be played at the Wrington Sports and Social on Saturday December 15th.         The third game is to played at the Winscombe CC March 16th.

The squad  selected for the inter league games are.

Phil Dean, (Captain) Martin Pike (Unionist A). Andy Collard, Dan Owen, Dave Haigh (Bittermen) Dave Jones, Paul Steer (Klinkerbelles). John Jones (Nomads).                                                   Ian Gregory, Julian Mason (White Hart Humbles) Paul Griffiths, Simon Ballard (Rascals) Peter Blackwell (Crown Inn) Ian Norton (Lord Nelson A) 

The second game with the Wrington Vale League took place at the Wrington Social Club, It resulted in a win for the District Team so all to play for in the decider the first set went to Weston with Dave Jones hitting 53 closely followed by Martin Pike and Simon Ballard both with 49 but top dog in the set was Kevin Buck with 56 this also took the top overall score on the night,  Weston took a 8 pin advantage into the second set but this set belonged to Wrington winning it by 6 pins only one score of 50 in this set that went to Jason Francis of Weston (welcome back Jason)into the last set Weston had a 2 pin start with both teams going nip and tuck Westom came away with a further 3 pins so the winning margin was 5 pins with only one score of over fifty for Wrington that was M Witcombe with 52, for the Weston team Ian Norton hit 50 and both Julian Mason and Captain Phil Dean with 52, SO A THIRD GAME WILL BE NEEDED WELL DONE THE WESTON & DISTRICT TEAM  

The return game with the Central League took place at the Social Club, The game started with the Central having a 7 pin advantage from the first game but with the Districts tail in the air they took the Central first set apart by winning it by 59 pins with Dave Jones hitting 50 just behind was Dave Haigh with 45 and on his tail was Martin Pike with 44, top player for the Central was Dave Fairhurst with 30,The second set also belonged to the District winning it by 17 pins only 2 scores of over 30 in the teams were hit by John Bastin 32 for the Central and a 31 for Simon Ballard of the District. The third set belonged to the Central winning it by 24 pins with Captain Paul Hawkins hitting 42 and Russell Loud 36 for the Central top for the District was Paul Steer with 34 and one pin behind him was Paul Griffiths with 33. The fourth set belonged to the District winning it by 17 pins but top score for the evening went to Dave Wilmott with a score of 52 for the Central Side also a 36 was hit by Dean Hazell for the District top score went to Julian Mason with 47 and not far behind was Captain Phil Dean with 45 the other score for the District in this set went to Ian Norton with 34. SO WELL DONE DISTRICT FOR RETAINING THE RON DAY CUP. The total scores were Weston Central League 352, Weston & District League 421.


The Weston & District played there second match for this season this time against the Wrington Vale League like the first game against the Central we came second this time by 6 pins as this is the best of three we must win the return game with them to take it into a third game. by the look at it it was the last hand down that decided the game, in the game there was only 2 spares all night both went to the Weston side top score for the district in the first set went to Dave Haigh with 45 for the Wrington team it was M Flook with 42 the district took the set by 1 pin, in the second Paul Griffiths was top score with 42 and Dan Owen hit 40 the Wrington found it hart to record any sort of score in this set and the District took it bt 18 pins. the third set was the turning point for Wrington winning the set by 16 pins With Dean Hazell of the Central League sorry for Wrington  hitting 45 and M Witmore getting 44 for the District Frank Thompson was top score with 41. into the last set the District had a 3 pin advantage  and all through the set it was nip and touch by both teams the District had hope on the 5th hand when Julisn Mason got a spare only to shave the front and put it through for a 9 spare he was top score in this set with 43 the District went into the last hand down only to hit a 14 pin down this was then the Wrington team took advantage to win the hand down by 8 pins and in doing so took the game by 6 top for them was Keith Hann with 46 this was highest score on the night. Weston (D Haigh 45) 464, Wrington (K Hann 46) 470.

The first leg was played at the George & Dragon and we like to thank all at George & Dragon for the use of the alley and refreshments provided,  it resulted in a win for the Central League by 7 pins so all to play for in the return leg.

The District side got of to a flyer in the first set winning it by 15 pins with Dave Jones getting 57 not far behind was Pete Blackwell with 55 top score for the Central was James Lane with 48.       The second set went to the Central by 1 pin with Neil Wilcox hitting 54 for them they also hit 3 proper spares to the Districts 1 in this set that made all the difference in the result of the set top for the District was Ian Gregory with 49.The third set also went to the Central by 8 pins but must mention Dan Owen playing his first game at Inter League level hitting 55 was a excellent score as it is played front pin first. The fourth set also belonged to the Central this meant they won 3 of the 4 sets on the night Dean Hazell hit a 17 spare on his fourth hand to go on to record a total score of 52 nobody in the District team could respond to this so the Central take 7 pins over to the return on November 17th at the Social Club.

Weston & District (Dave Jones 57) 517, Central League (Neil Wilcox 54) 524.


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