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Alleyman is reporting on the week twelve league matches. 
Top Dog   The highest score this week was Ian Patterson's 65 on the losing side for second division Coach House A at The White Hart.
Division One ( all/7 results)                       Lots of 16 - 0s this week ! 
Nomads v Beer Masters
In spite of Beer Masters Chris Broad's 52 being the top score, Nomads had a 16 - 0 victory and climbed a place 
Klinkerbelles v Dropouts
Dropouts being two short didn't help their cause as they lost 16 - 0. Again the losers had top score with 58 from Tim Quick. Kevin Stock, welcome back, hit 53 for Klinkerbelles.
Homefield Rangers v Worle Club
Homefield's first man on, Howard Mabbutt, top scored with 52 and they won the first set (in spite of their Captain). Downhill after that as they lost 14 - 2 with the oldest player in the league, 95 years young Bill Spring, getting the third highest on the board for Worle Club.
Regent Sports v Young Lions
An impressive 14 - 2 win for Regent Sports with Dave Fisher hitting 51.
Lord Nelson A v Unionist A
Unionist A got a 16 - 0 victory with Martin Pike getting 55. Jim Watts hit 50 for Lord Nelson
Flintstones V Rascals
Rascals continued their campaign with a 16 - 0 victory and the gap stays the same.Dave Fairhurst's 56 for them was the highest.
Ginger Mingers v Crown Inn
 Ginger Mingers put a dent in the Crown Inn with this 12-4 win-
 Division Two      (6/7 results )                   
Admirals v Anchors
A 12 - 4 win for Anchors by just 5 pins. Rich Young's 55 for Anchors was bettered by John Rowsell's 56 for Admirals.
White Hart Humbles v Coach House A
Ian Patterson's 65 wasn't enough to stop Coach House losing 12 - 4 which helped Humbles move into third place and Coach House drop one place. Jason Veale hit 59 for Humbles. Coach House were a player short.
Weston Legionaires v Peckers
Peckers pulled off a 12 - 4 win 19 pins away to fifth placed Legionaires.
Bittermen v Churchill Club  
A 12 - 4 win for the division leaders with James Palmer and Andy Taylor both hitting 53 for them. 
Crusaders v Dab Hands
Dab hands seem to have lost their way. This week they lost
Coach House B  v White Hart Harriers
Coach House B won 14 - 2 this puts them third Harriers will have dropped two places.
Stragglers v W.Anchors Away 
Stragglers win 16-0 this win puts them second top score was Charlie Loud hitting 52 also Frank Thompson for the W. Anchors Away-
Division Three (all results)                  Century Club widen the gap at the top !
Shepherds v Regency Alleyblasters
Skipper Tom Mason hit 50 for Alleyblasters but they are not blasting the alley this year and lost 14 - 2. Clive Allen got 47 for Shepherds who moved up a place.
Survivors v St. Happys
Well  that was a surprise. Even though, one off the bottom, St. Happys, were two short, they beat fourth placed Survivors 12 - 4 by one pin.
Social Club B v Prince of Wales
Social Club got back to winning ways with an unexpected 14 - 2 win over third placed PoW.
Uphill Steamers v Boro Arms B
A fine 10 - 6 win by 7 pins for Uphill Steamers over second placed Boro Arms B. James Orchard hit 52 for the losers and Jeremy Wootten got 49 for Steamers.
Worle Century Club v Bleadon Racers
Another top team to pick up all 16 points! Century Club continue their run, winning 16 - 0 and widening the gap on the other promotion positions. Bleadon Racers couldn't even hit 400. Where was Dave Mawford ?.
Strays v Earlybirds
Earlybirds win again ! This week they beat Strays 12 - 4 with Jason New and Tony Hoskins top scoring for their teams with 51s. In spite of losing, Strays climbed a place thanks to Langford Rovers vacant date. 
Langford Rovers - vacant date
Next week is round 2 of the Hospital Cup. Three matches in each division and Rascals, Churchill Club and Survivors have byes. 







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