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                                                     Weston Super Mare and District Skittle League.

                                                                   Annual General Meeting                                  

                                                                    Monday 5th June 2017


Before the meeting the Chairman asked for a minutes silence for those members who had died since the last Annual General Meeting.

They were Roger Faulkner (Earlybirds) Steve Hucker (Homefield Rangers) Mike Tranter (Crown Inn) Tony Smalllwood (Weston Legionaires)

Dick Jackman (Prince Of Wales) and former Players Howie Johns and Roy Ackland also George Gosling He also asked the meeting to remember those killed

in terrorist attacks.

1. The Business Secretary took the roll call. 33 were present  representing 24 teams.

2. The minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on the 6th June 2016 which had been circulated, were approved without amendments.

3 The Income and Expenditure Accounts for 2018/2017 were approved after a few questions were answered.

4. The meeting was asked to consider proposals submitted by the Executive Committee regarding the end of season Presentation night and provision of trophies.

(a) it was agreed that all team trophies would be replaced by cash prizes but representation at the presentation would be required. All individual winners would continue to receive trophies and inter league players would still receive medallions. There were only four votes against the proposal.

(b) By a vote of 14 to 9 it was resolved to do away with a Dinner and Presentation night in spite of the league having paid a deposit for 2018 which would be forfeited. The Executive Committee would decide on the presentation arrangements. (I took note of the 14 that decided to do away with it and out of that number 9 never go to the Dinner anyway this was done by me the Chairman).

5. The chairman asked for nominations for the post of President, and Reece Lovell was unanimously approved.

    The Chairman asked for nominations for the posts of Vice Presidents and Dave Chaplin and Malcolm Day were approved.

   The President asked for nominations for the post of Chairman and Hugh Edwards was approved.

   The Chairman asked for nominations for the post of Vice Chairman and Peter Hucker was approved.

   The Chairman then asked for approval for the continuation of the current arrangements for the division of duties of the secretary. at which point          Bryon Boulter withdrew his decision not to stand in the light of the decision under item 4.

The President asked for nominations for the post of Fixture Secretary/Web Site Manager and Hugh was approved. Hugh stated that he would be resigning after the 100th year of The League existence in 2021 if re-elected.

   The Chairman asked for nominations for the post of Treasurer/Business Secretary and Bryon Boulter was approved.

6. The increase the honoraria by 90 was approved in line with the RPI. Tony Hoskins alterative proposal to increase the honoraria by 150 to cover the next two years was not agreed.

7. there was no resignations from the League or applications to join.

8. (a) The executive Committee proposal to reduce the registration fee to 10 was approved.

(b) The Executive Committee proposal to remove the Benevolent Fund levy of 2 per team for the time being was approved.

(c) In line with the minimum wage formula it was approved that the sticker up fees are increased to 15.65 minimum per match.

9. The Business Secretary reported that the Ginger Mingers and Young Lions were moving to the Constitutional Club and Uphill Steamers were back at the Ship. Beer Masters and Bristol Stragglers would be allowed until the of the week to make arrangements if the Bristol remained Closed.

10. The Executive Committee attendance had been reported and in spite of that they were re-elected. Tony Hoskins proposed and Dave Jones seconded that Richard Salvage should be appointed to fill the vacancy and the meeting approved.

11. The proposed 2017/2018 Fixtures Calendar had been circulated and it was approved.

12. The Executive Committee proposed the following rule changes.

(a) Any team wishing to change their home venue during the season must notify the Business Secretary before actioning. The Captain will required to attend the meeting of the Executive Committee following that notification and explain the reasons. This was approved.

(b) Amend rule 36 to read as rule 16(c) to allow the lowest score up to twice in cup matches as in league matches except for semi finals and finals.

13. Under any other business of a non-voting nature.

(a) The Business Secretary reported that the Weston AFC had informed him that they did not intend closing their alleys in the near future.

(b) Jim Nipper presented proposals to change the points system and he was asked to present them at the next Annual General Meeting.

There was no other business and the meeting closed at 9-30pm (9-28 by Tony Hoskins)



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