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The League has just been informed of the Death Of Graham Booy of the St Happys. We send our condolence to his family at this sad time also to his team for the loss of a important player to them.


Alleyman is reporting on the week twenty three league matches. Three games to go (two for some) and 48 points at stake. The top two league positions are decided, not necessarily in the current order.
Top Dog     The highest score this week is the 70 from Ian Lucas of third division Strays at home at the 49 Club, downstairs Closely followed by a 66 from Joe Pearson for second Division Coach House B at home.
Division One (all  results)                     Little Change !               
White Hart Humbles v Dropouts
With Graham Wigg and Matt Thompson both getting 54, Humbles got a 12 - 4 victory that kept them in touch with the top three. Mark caddy hit 51 for Dropouts.
Worle Club v Nomads
14 much needed points for Worle Club who have tied more sets than any other team this season. They moved up a place. Peter Hall hit 52 for Nomads, the only 50+ on the board.. 
Crown Inn v Klinkerbelles
Dean Hazell's and Keith Hann's 52s and 18 pins gave Klinkerbelles a 12 - 4 victory as they dropped 2 points on Rascals but keep top spot..  
Young Lions v Bittermen
The basement battle saw Bittermen pick up a 14 - 2 win but it didn't improve their position..
Unionist A v Ginger Mingers
A 12 - 4 win for Ginger Mingers meant Unionist A dropped a place and remain 11 points above the drop zone.  
Rascals v Regent Sports
Rascals continue to fight for top spot and this 16 - 0 win helped by Dave Fairhurst and Professor Bob Tancock got 55 for Rascals and Brian Jenkins hit 50 for Regent Sports. 
Flintstones v Stragglers
A bit late in the season but Stragglers got their fifth win by 12 - 4 and 16 pins, in spite of Tom Nicholson top scoring with 53 for Flintstones
 Division Two      ( all results )                     Good Lord !     
W.Anchors Away v Coach House A
W. Anchors away moved up to third place with a fine 14 - 2 win over the team that were third. Matt keate and Captain Julian Naylor both hit 59 for their teams. Makes for an interesting end to the season. 
Lord Nelson A v Dab Hands
One played two and the League positions were followed. Lord Nelson got a 13 - 3 win by 14 pins in spite of Paul Baker top scoring with 50 for Dab Hands who are now only three points above the third team.
Anchors v White hart Harriers
Harriers picked up a 13 - 3 win by only 7 pins and moved up to fourth.-.
Peckers v Weston Legionaires
Next to each other in the table but Legionaires came away with a 14 - 2 victory with Robert Blackborow hitting 52 for them. 
Coach House B v Worle Century Club
Joe Pearson's 66 led the way as Coach House B gained a 12 - 4 win.  
Prince of Wales v Boro Arms B.
The bottom team picked up a 12 - 4 win by 16 pins as boro Arms B made sure they remained in the relegation three. Dough Grier hit 53 for PoW whilst Mark Orchard picked a 54 for Boro Arms. 
Beer Masters - vacant date.
Division Three (5/6 results)               The Earlybirds are tweeting !
Shepherds v Langford Rovers 
Survivors v Uphill Steamers 
Uphill steamers gained a 12 = 4 win by 7 pins with Captain Kevin Stratford top scoring with 47. 
Social Club B v Earlybirds
Pete Snook must be proud of his team this season. The promotion prospects beat the division leaders 13 - 3 by 11 pins in spite of Social club's Captain top scoring with 47.  
Strays v St. Happys
A 16 - 0 win for Strays helped by Ian Lucas's 70. They climbed two places. Again St. Happys were two short..
Regency Alleyblasters - Crusaders
Alleyblasters picked up their second win of the season, partly due to Crusaders being two short. Alan Matthews and Dan Young both got 51 for their teams. 
Churchill Club v Admirals
Admirals gained a 12 - 4 victory over second placed Churchill Club with Dennis Carr hitting 59. 
Bleadon Racers - vacant date
Perkins Cup second Semi Final
Crown Inn v White Hart Humbles          
White Hart Humbles came away with the win and face Unionist A in the Final on Saturday 13th May, should be interesting.












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