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Alleyman is reporting on the week twenty one league matches. 
A lot of close games this week in the first and third divisions, makes skittles interesting.
Top Dog            Highest Scores this week were 61s from Paul Stewart for Rascals at home and Shawn Hale for Dab Hands at the Coach House. Warren Main got 60 for Klinkerbelles at headquarters.  
Division One ( All results)              Third place gets closer !
Beer Masters v Worle Club
Beer Masters upset the league positions with a 14 - 2 win by 18 pins.and they moved up a place in the table. Good noisy bunch and excellent food. Sam Hedges 48 for the losers was tops.
Crown Inn v Dropouts
A low scoring contest saw Crown Inn pick up a 10 - 6 win by just 3 pins. No change in the table. 
Young Lions v Nomads
Nomads picked up a 14 - 2 win, by 20 pins, which moved them up a place in the table.
Unionist A v Klinkerbelles
Three played two and the gap is wide ! Klinkerbelles got a 14 - 2 victory with Warren Main getting 60.
Flintstones v Ginger Mingers
Just 4 pins gave Flintstones an 11 - 5 victory but Rhys Smith's 54 for Ginger Mingers was top score. Rob Kent got 51 for Flintstones. 
Lord Nelson A v Regent Sports
11 pins gave the home side a 12 - 6 win in spite of Brian Jenkins getting 54 for Regent Sports. Lord Nelson dropped a place in the table.   
Rascals v Homefield Rangers
Top took on bottom and the 15 - 1 win for the Champions was expected. Paul Stewart's 61 was tops but Steve Andow hit 56 for Homefield Rangers.
 Division Two      ( all results )                 The top gap widened !    
W.Anchors Away v Anchors
The sailing derby saw W.Anchors Away getting a 14 - 2 by only 16 pins although Peter Lippett got 55 for Anchors who dropped two places in the table.
Coach House A v Dab Hands
Coach House had a full side this week but they still lost, 12 - 4 with Shawn Hale getting 61 for Dab Hands. Coach House dropped two places.
White Hart Harriers v Stragglers
Harriers are looking at the drop, especially after losing 14 - 2. Paul Brazier put on the heat with 52 for Harriers but Rich Pitcairn's 56 for Stragglers was the top score. Stragglers moved into second place. 
Peckers v Crusaders
A 14 - 2 win for Peckers moved them two places up the table. . 
Churchill Club v Admirals
Admirals picked up a 14 - 2 in spite of veteran Ken Harwood getting 50 for the Club. Both Churchill Club sides look set for the drop. 
Bittermen v White Hart Humbles
One played two.and Humbles needed all the points to stay in contention. However Bittermen put them in their place with a 12 - 4 victory as Paul Cousins top scored with 55 for the winners and Jason Veale hit 52 for the losers who dropped a place.  
Weston Legionaires v Coach House B 
Coach House concentrated on their skittles and pulled off a 16 - 0 win but no change in league positions.  
Division Three (all results)                            Third gets close !   
Boro Arms B v Langford Rovers
Boro Arms overtook Strays with a 14 - 2 win that put them into third place. Nice to see Dick Tancock feeling better with a 53 for the losers.
Bleadon Racers v Shepherds
Shepherds were one short as Bleadon Racers got a 12 - 4 win by 8 pins and Jim Nipper and Des Brown both hit 49s for their teams.
Earlybirds v Survivors
Survivors were rewarded for the long journey with a 10 - 6 win by just 9 pins. Roger Collins got 49 for the winners
Strays v Social Club B
Mike Parker and Richard Jenkins both hit 52 which helped Strays to a 13 - 3 win by only 2 pins.  
Worle Century Club v Uphill Steamers
Uphill Steamers were one short as Century Club got a 12 - 4 win by 8 pins and possibly coast to promotion. The less said about the total team scores hit the better, even for the Century Club... .   
Prince of Wales v Regency Alleyblasters
PoW got a 12 - 4 win although Al Mathews top scored with 49 for Alleyblasters. PoW stay in second place.
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