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Alleyman 1 is reporting on the week six league matches. 
Top Dog        The highest score this week was a 63 from inter league player Martin Pike for Unionist A at Winscombe Cricket Club,also Russell Loud of the Rascals at the Hornets RFC closely followed by (should be inter league) Jeff Parslow's 62 for W.Anchors Away at the Coach House, must mention Tony Pettitt hitting 61 away to the Alleyblasters.
Division One (all results)              Top three widening the gap !    
Crown Inn v Beer Masters
Fifteen pins in it as Crown Inn picked up a 10 -6 win but lost their second place. Dan Parfitt got 56 for them and Phil Georgiou hit 53 for the losers.
Dropouts v Unionist A
An unexpected 12 - 4 win for Dropouts with Jack Major getting 52 for them. Dropouts pulled away from the relegation area and Unionist A lost ground on the top three..
Klinkerbelles v Flintstones
Klinkerbelles moved into second place following this 14 - 2 win by 20 pins. Paul Steer hit 57 for them and Jeff Hall got 55 for Flintstones.
Homefield Rangers v Lord Nelson A 
12 played 13 and Homefield Rangers got a much needed 12 - 4 win with Keith Hann hitting 53.
Ginger Mingers v Regent Sports
A 16 - 0 victory for Ginger Mingers moved them up four places in the table.
Nomads v Rascals
Facebook say a 14 - 2 win for Rascals keeps them on top, Captain Paul Hawkins hits 53 but for the Rascals Russell Loud hits a good 63..
Worle Club v Young Lions
The Worle derby came when neither team were having a good run.Worle Club came out on top with a 14-2 win Steve Partridge hits 45 and Golden Balls Mike Daw gets 44 for the Lions -
Division Two (All results again)        Top two gap !
Coach House A v W.Anchors Away
Coach House A gained two places with a 12 - 4 win by 15 pins.
Anchors v White Hart Harriers
Anchors picked up a much needed 13 - 3 win in spite of Martin Taylor, the other one, hitting the games top score of 50 for Harriers.
Dab Hands v Peckers
Dab Hands continued their unbeaten run with a 14 - 2 victory as Peckers were two short. Shawn hale hit 51 for the winners and Ian Calderbank got 50 for Peckers. 
Stragglers v Churchill Club
Stragglers moved up to third with a 14 - 2 victory and Mick Hanson hitting 53 for them.
Crusaders v Bittermen
Crusaders continue to look for their first win and foot the table. This week they lost 16 - 0 with Andy Collard top scoring with 55 for Bittermen who pull ground on the top spot.   
Admirals v Weston Legionaires
A close match as Legionaires won 12 - 4 by 19 pins. Gordon Leitch's 51 for them was the top score. The basement three continue to see the gap widening. 
White Hart Humbles v Coach House B
Anthony Lightfoot got 56 for Humbles and Geoff Peters hit 55 for Coach House B as a 12 - 4 win for Humbles saw them gain places in the table. 
Division Three ( all results)        Three in fourth !
St. Happys v Boro Arms B
Boro Arms B were a player short as St. Happys got their second win of the season, 14 - 2 by just three pins. 
Langford Rovers v Earlybirds
The third division has changed forever! A 16 - 0 win for Earlybirds keeps them well outside their usual position. Darran Mason got 51 for Langford Rovers and Mark Taylor and Martin Cooper both hit 49 for Earlybirds whose 62 pins away win proved it wasn't luck
Shepherds v Strays
Geoff Tucker top scored with 49 for Strays but they still lost 14 - 2 as Shepherds collected their first win of the season.
Survivors v Worle Century Club
Eighteen pins gave Survivors a surprise 12 - 4 win over the division leaders with Captain Andy Chambers leading the way with 52. Survivors moved into second place.
Social Club B v Uphill Steamers
Social Club B got a 16 - 0 win with five players top scoring with 38, four for the winners and one from Steamers.
Regency Alleyblasters v Bleadon Racers
Bleadon Racers win at the Regency Alleyblasters winning  12-4 top the Alleyblasters was Bryan Aston with 53 for the Racers Tony Pettitt with 61.-
Prince of Wales - vacant date
From the end of the month Uphill Steamers will be moving to Weston AFC number two alley.
Next week is round one of the Hospital Cup and, apart from Uphill Steamers, all teams have a game.. 


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