League Rules

The Weston-super-Mare and District Men’s Skittle League Rules

1. The League shall be called “The Weston-super-Mare and District Men’s Skittle League” and shall have its headquarters at the Conservative Club, Alexandra Parade, Weston-super-Mare.
2. The General Committee shall consist of The President, Vice Presidents, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Fixtures Secretary, Business Secretary, Treasurer and the Captain/Representative of each team.
3. The General Committee shall have power to deal with any matter not provided for in these rules.
4. The General Committee shall meet at headquarters at 8.00pm on the dates set out in the fixtures sheet. Any team not represented at the meeting shall be fined the agreed amount.
5.  Every team elected to the League shall consist of men only aged 14 or over (subject to admission being granted by the away venue) and shall pay the agreed team Registration Fee.
6. Every team shall pay the League fees as set out in the invoice by the due date; failure to do so shall result in a fine. All League fees must be paid at or before the January and the final General Committee Meeting or the team shall be suspended sine die from the league.
7. No team shall be eligible for membership of the League unless its home alley is within a radius of 12 miles of the Town Hall, Weston-super-Mare and complies with the
requirements of this League.
8. The Annual General Meeting shall elect an Executive Committee with a minimum of 6 members and a maximum of 10 members. The President, Vice Presidents, Chairman and Vice Chairman shall be ex-officio members of this Committee.
9. The Executive Committee shall be delegated the power to decide on any matter which could affect the reputation of the League.

Election of new Teams

10. Applications to join the league or register an existing team for the upcoming season must be received, in writing (email) by the Fixtures Secretary no less than seven days before the Annual General Meeting. A representative of each team should attend the Annual General Meeting.

Match Rules
11. The initial list of registered players must be submitted to the Fixtures Secretary by the first Captain’s meeting. Failure to do so will result in a fine and 8 points will be deducted from their seasons total for each match played prior to receipt of the list. These matches will include games played before the Captains first meeting.
12. Any subsequent players must be registered with the Results & Website Secretary in writing before or within 24 hours of taking part in a match. Note that marking the scorebook with an Asterix is acceptable.
13. Once registered a player may only transfer to another team with the consent of the Fixtures Secretary.
14. Any team playing unregistered players shall be fined. The score(s) obtained by the unregistered player(s) shall be deleted from the match scores.
15. The Fixtures Secretary shall prepare a fixture list and any team not fulfilling its fixtures shall prejudice their chance of being accepted into the League the following season. This rule shall also apply to Cup Matches.
16. In a match:-
a. Each team must play in four sets of three players.
b. Each player shall pay League and Alley fees to their Captain or Representative. The home team is responsible for all alley fees.
c. If a team is short of one or more players then the lowest score (including those hit in the last set) shall be added to the total pins hit, up to twice to arrive at the total team score.
d. Should a team be incapable of providing a full team score after using rule 16c the remaining points, including points for winning the match shall be awarded to the team providing a full team and the match shall be considered completed.
e. In each match two points shall be awarded to the winning team of each set, one point each if tied. Eight points shall be awarded to the team winning the match. In the event of a tied match, the eight points shall be shared.

. Postponements
a. A fixture date may be altered subject to 72 hours notice being given to the opposing Captain and Fixtures Secretary. If less than 72 hours notice is given then Rule 16d will apply.
b. Any team postponing a league match for whatever reason shall have 8 points deducted from their points gained during the season subject to the Executive Committee interviewing the Captain and considering the circumstances.
c. Postponed matches must be played within 4 weeks of the original date providing this does not extend beyond the end of the season.
d. If this is not done the Fixture Secretary shall arrange a date and alley for the match to be played.

. All matches shall commence no later than 8.00pm. Should either team be late the opposing Captain shall report this to the Fixtures Secretary and the offending team shall be fined.
19. There shall not be longer than 5 minutes interval between sets except between the third and final sets when 10 minutes interval shall be allowed.
20. All scores must be completed in the score book and signed by both captains and a copy sent to the Results & Website Secretary within 48 hours of the game commencing (Example – Wednesday 8pm, Thursday 8pm for a cup match) Failure to do so will result in a fine.
21. In the event of two or more teams finishing with the same number of points for a championship, runner-up, third place or relegation place the team with the most wins shall be placed higher. If the teams are still equal the team with the most away wins shall be placed higher. If still equal the team with the higher away average shall be placed higher.
22. In the event of a need to equalise the number of teams in each Division for the following season the Executive Committee shall meet prior to the fixture being printed to determine the method to be adopted and their decision is final. This may involve relegating or promoting more or less teams than that envisaged before the start of the previous season.

Standards of Alleys
23. The League requires that:-

a. The alley has been properly laid with a pit and a clear set of pin spot markings. These markings to be 15” from centre to centre.
b. The heel strip shall be 2” wide and 1” high.
c. The distance between the heel strip and the white line shall be 14 feet.
d. No floor covering shall be allowed between the heel strip and the pit.
e. All pins shall be 4.5” in diameter at the widest part, 2.5” at the narrowest part and not more than 10” or less than 9.25” in length.
f. Every pin in a set shall be equal.
g. The front pin must bear a line 2” in width around the centre of the pin and the quarters must bear two line 1” in width, one above and one below the centre of the pins.
h. In the case of wooden pins these lines shall be white and in the case of white plastic pins these lines shall be black.
i. Plastic pins must approximate in weight to those made of wood.
j. All balls must be made of rubber composite and are to be 4.5” minimum and 5” maximum in diameter.
k. The alley shall be maintained to an acceptable standard of lighting, cleanliness and heating.
l. Where possible teams shall ensure they use the same balls and pins for all home matches throughout the season.
m. The Executive Committee shall inspect and approve all new alleys before admission to the league.
n. In the event of a written complaint, the Executive Committee shall inspect the items listed and report the result to the next General Committee meeting.

24. Any team wishing to change their home venue during the season must notify the Business Secretary before actioning. The captain will be required to attend the Executive Committee meeting following that notification and explain the reasons.

Playing Instructions
25. All players must stand and play their balls from the heel strip and before the white line. The opposing Captain or appointed Referee only shall call a “no ball”. A “no ball” results from a ball pitching on or over the white line or any part of the player in contact with or over the white line.
26. All pins hit by a “no ball” shall stay down and shall not be included in the players score. If a flopper results from a “no ball” the players hand is over and his score is nil.
27. All pins knocked down by a ball which has struck the side of the alley prior to reaching the diamond shall be stuck up again for the remainder of the player’s hand.
28. If a pin or ball leaves the frame but returns via the side of the alley and strikes further pins, these pins will remain down and count towards the player’s score. However, any pin or ball which returns from the Back Wall, Shute or Ceiling will result in any struck pins being reset
29. Any team playing at a registered licenced club shall send a full list of players and supporters attending to the Club Secretary so as to arrive at least 48 hours before the match or the team will be fined.
30. Protests in connection with any match must be sent to the Fixtures Secretary within three clear days of the match. A copy of the protest will be sent to the other team by the League Secretary. The protest will be considered by the Executive Committee at their next meeting.

Competition Rules
Hospital Cups, Charles Perkins Cup and Steve James Cup
31. All League teams must enter the Hospital and Charles Perkins Cup and Steve James Cup where appropriate.
32. Each team shall pay the same amount for League and alley fees as agreed for league matches. The Captain of each team shall be responsible for paying his teams alley fees on the match night.
33. All matches shall be drawn for and played on neutral alleys.
34. All Cup matches shall be played on the dates and alleys as notified by the Fixtures Secretary.
35. The first named team on a cup draw shall be responsible for providing the score to the Results & Website Secretary as per rule 20.
36. In the event of a tie teams shall play a further hand of three players, each of whom must have played earlier in the match to determine the result. If the further hand is tied that hand shall continue to play hands until a lead is established.
37. No player shall be eligible to play for more than one team in the Charles Perkins, Hospital or Steve James Cups in the same season.
38. If a team is short of one or more players then only the lowest score hit by the other players in the team (including those hit in the last set) shall be added to the team’s total score, Up to twice to arrive at the total score. No such addition shall be allowed in the semi finals or finals.
39. If a team is short of more than two players, the Executive Committee shall decide on any action to be taken and their decision is final. The offending captain shall attend the Committee which shall be the one following the date of the Cup Match.
40. The Hospital Cup shall be played under “Front Pin” Rules. (See Rules 41-49)
41. Line Judges shall be appointed for semi-finals and finals only at the request of either Captain.

Front Pin First Rules
The Normal rules shall apply except for the following:-
42. The pins to be counted are those which are struck down after the front pin has been directly hit by a ball fairly bowled causing it to fall, whether or not the front pin is the first to fall.
43. After the front pin has been struck down by a direct hit, the bowler may knock down any pin or pins remaining on the frame with the remaining ball or balls and those also are scored.
44. Any pins struck down leaving the front pin standing stay down but are not counted in the score except in the case of a spare ball.
45. To score a spare a bowler must either:-
a. Strike the front pin first ball, causing it to fall, and clear the remaining pins with his second ball; or
b. Have a “flopper” off the front pin with his first ball or if this goes through, with his second ball; or
c. Having removed part of the frame with his first ball leaving the front pin standing, hits the front pin down together with the rest of the frame with his second ball.

46. In the case of a. and b. all pins are reset for the spare ball but in the case of c. only those pins struck down with the second ball are reset. Thus if he hits six off a quarter pin with his first ball and hits the remaining three pins with his second ball only those three pins are reset for the spare ball. Thus he can score 3, 4, 5 or 6 according to the pins knocked down with the spare ball.
47. Having achieved a spare a bowler may hit down any pin or pins with his spare ball and all count in his score.
48. If a bowler first strikes any pin but the front, except with a spare ball or balls and the front pin id knocked down by either the ball or a loose pin, then it stays down and the bowlers score for the hand is nil.
49. To eliminate controversy during the game both Captains together should ensure the stickerup is aware of the pins to be replaced in the event of a spare.
50. In the event of a “no ball” being called all pins struck down stay down and are not to be included in the players score, but the player can play his remaining ball(s) and can thereby hit a score. If the front pin is struck down by a “no ball” the players hand is over.

Individual and Malcolm Day Cup Championships
51. The Individual and Malcolm Day Cup Competitions shall be decided by the highest individual scores and are open to all League players.
52. In the Malcolm Day Cup Competition:- a. Three pins only are to be set up, these are the two outside pins and the middle or landlord pin. b. The pins may be played for in any order providing the player states such order before delivering his first ball. Any pin wrongly struck shall be replaced before the next ball is played.
53. The names of players wishing to take part shall be forwarded to the Fixtures Secretary on the proper entry form by the date specified on that form.
54. The players taking part shall be allocated by the Executive Committee, or the Fixtures Secretary if he is delegated to do so, to neutral alleys. It may be necessary for a player to play more than once on the same alley during the Competitions.
55. In all rounds the top scores on each alley shall go forward to the next round. The qualifying number to be set by the Fixture Secretary.
. In the event of a tie each player shall play single hands of three balls until a lead is established.
57. Any number from three to six opponents shall play together in one set, but no more than six players at a time. If more than six players are left at the end they shall play in two sets.

Pairs Championship
58. The Pairs Competition shall be decided by the highest pairs score in each round. In all rounds the top scores on each alley shall go forward to the next round. The qualifying number to be set by the Fixtures Secretary. Each pair shall play six hands.
59. The competition is open to all League players but each pair must be members of the same League Team.
60. The names of the players wishing to take part, set out in pairs on the proper entry form shall be forwarded to the Fixtures Secretary by the date specified on the form.
61. A substitute is allowed in the first round only. The substitute must be a member of the same team as the player he is replacing and the substitute must play in any subsequent round.
62. In the event of a tie a further 3 balls shall be bowled by each player and so on until a lead has been established by one of the pairs.
63. A pair must play together in every round.

General Rules – Competitions
64. All Cup and Individual Matches shall take precedence over any League Matches.
65. All League Cups and Shields are Perpetual Trophies.
66. No game in the Individuals, Pairs and Malcolm Day Cup Competitions shall commence before 7.00pm and all players shall be on their relevant alley by 8.00pm otherwise their names shall be deleted from the list.
67. Players, once reported in shall remain on the alley until they have played and if not available for a play-off or subsequent round on the same night they shall be removed from the Competition.
68. All sticker up fees for the individuals, Pairs and Malcolm Day Cup Competitions are paid by the League. An appropriate charge will therefore be levied in respect of these players in the Teams League Fees Account.

Additionally – 
If the league has an odd number of teams, The winners of the Steve James Cup shall receive a bye in the first round of the following seasons Perkins Cup.
No team shall receive more than one bye in any cup competition.

Trophies and Prizes
69. Cash Prizes will be awarded to the winners and runners-up in each division and cup, and also to the third placed team in each division. The Graham Wilcox Cup will be awarded to the runner-up of the Steve James Cup.
70. In addition to the divisional and cup competitions the following trophies will be awarded:-
a. Highest Score – Perkins Cup.
b. Highest Score – Hospital Cup.
c. Highest Individual Away Average – based on eight away League Matches (one trophy per division).
d. Highest Number of Individual Away Spares – based on all away League Matches (one trophy per division).
e. Highest Individual Away Score – based on any away League Match.
f. Highest Away League Team Score – must be hit on a neutral alley.
g. Highest Away team Average – based on all away League Matches. (One trophy per division).
h. Dennis Edwards Trophy – for the highest pairs competition score.
i. Dennis Clement Trophy – for the highest individual competition score.
j. John Sperring Trophy – for the highest score against the Wrington Vale League.
k. The John Payne Shield – for the highest individual score hit for or against the Bittermen skittle team.
l. The Pete Hucker Trophy – for the highest away average of a skittler under 30 years of age.
m. The Bill Parsons Cup – for an individual or team providing long time service to the League.
n. The Courage Cup of Merit – for premises providing good facilities to the League.
o. The Cyril Richardson Cup – for the team Captain providing good services to the League.
p. The Hugh Edwards Presidents Cup – Awarded to a team of the president’s choice based on the current season

The trophies awarded for M, N and O are done so by the Executive Committee who will consider nominations from the teams and/or individuals.

71. All cups trophies and shields shall remain the property of the League. The Captain of any team winning a cup, trophy or shield shall keep it and return it in a good condition. Any team or individual who fail to return any cup, trophy or shield when requested and in good and clean condition shall be fined. The fine shall be £10 per team or £5 per individual. Any team or individual losing an uninsured trophy, after being presented with it, shall be fined the cost
of replacing it.

Fees and Fines Payable Fees:
Rule No. 5 Registration Fee £20.00 per team
16b League/Cup Fee £7.50 per team League fees to be collected in equal monthly amounts from October to March
16b Alley Fees (home team to pay) £17.00 (min.) per match
Rule No;
4 Non-attendance at meeting £2.00
6 Non-payment of invoice by due date £5.00
11 Failure to provide list of players as rule 14
14 Playing unregistered players £1.00 per player
20 Late scorecard £5.00
28 Failure to provide list to club £5.00 (max.)
70 Failure to return trophy when required £10.00 per team £5.00 per individual
Competition Fees Entry Fee: –
Individuals and Pairs 50p per player 
Malcolm Day Cup £1.00 per player
Fine for non-attendance: £5.00 per player